Already over €1,1 million raised from people like you!

We've turned the donations into equipment that Ukraine desperately needs - and we've delivered at no cost - the following:

  • 48 four-wheel drive pickups and vans
    • For each delivered car: An extra set of special off-road tires for the difficult conditions in eastern Ukraine
  • 3 ATVs, Polaris Big Boss 6x6
  • 1 Unimog truck
  • 209 generators and mobile power stations
  • 20 mobile & powerful solar panels
  • 18 high quality Finnish made vacuum stretchers
  • 13 defibrillators
  • 50 tourniquets, dozens of vacuum splints and other First aid equipment
  • T-pod Responder pelvic stabilizers, Wound clips and Fast1 sternal infusion systems for 26 000 €.
  • Large quantities of high quality wool underwear
  • 240 home knitted socks
  • 100 laptops and 35 iphones
  • 29 school desks and chairs as a donation from a school in Pyttis, southeastern Finland.

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Our story

Russia's three-day so-called "special operation" against Ukraine has now been going on for over two years (or actually over ten years). Civilian targets are constantly being attacked and war crimes are countless. This is something we as citizens of Finland should not accept.

Ukraine needs our support.

The organisation in Ukraine that we are cooperating with tells us that they desperately need robust cars (four-wheel drive) to transport materials and evacuate wounded soldiers at the front, mobile power stations and generators needed to carry out interventions and other things in the field.

This is equipment that is abundantly available in the rest of Europe. And now you can help Ukraine get this vital equipment.

Background information

My name is Magnus Londen. I am a journalist who visited Ukraine in November 2022 and saw a country that will not give up - I was filled with admiration and empathy. Then, in February 2023, I travelled to Poland with Finnish outdoor guide Roope Roine to deliver a Ford Ranger pick-up to Ukraine. Through a group of friends, we had raised money not only for the car but also for seven generators. Our meeting in Lublin with the Ukrainian beneficiaries was something we will never forget.

In spring 2023, we then launched the Caravan to Ukraine and raised over €170 000 from hundreds of generous donors. That was enough for ten cars packed with vital equipment.

In the summer of 2023, we launched the Caravan II and raised a staggering €242,000. In August, we delivered 13 off-road vehicles and vans, 26 generators and 18 vacuum stretchers. In addition, we donated EUR 50 000 worth of power stations powered by solar panels.

In November 2023, we launched the "Christmas Caravan" project. The fundraising is (again) going beyond expectations, and has already raised about 150 thousand euros!

In mid-December we delivered the first part of the Christmas Caravan: five four-wheel drive cars, thirty generators, fifty laptops, woolen underwear, seventy hand-knitted woolen socks, three vacuum stretchers and other first aid equipment, etc. Part two of the Christmas drove to Ukraine in early February 2024.

The Spring Caravan was launched in February 2024. Now the focus was more on the concept of "Fundraising for your own car". This meant that several different groups (associations, friends with networks, etc.) gathered together to collect funds for their own cars. Then they themselves participated as drivers. It became a success and the Spring Caravan raised a total of €216,000! We drove down to Ukraine at the beginning of April 2024.

The Caravan to Ukraine project will continue as long as it is needed. In other words:

We will fight as long as Ukraine is fighting.

Our promise

  • 0 euros in administration costs. Everyone involved does this as volunteer work
  • We deliver the caravan to a reputable Ukrainian operator who ensures that everything is delivered to those who need it.
  • Because we have done this before, we know it works.
  • Full transparency and follow-up

Recipients and authorisations

The Caravan to Ukraine is a registered Finnish organisation. The statutes of the organisation can be found here (in Swedish).

Recipients in Ukraine are: Intitative E+.

E+ has already received over 500 cars, implemented over a thousand aid projects and delivered over 8000 pieces of personal first aid equipment.

Fundraising license in Finland:
RA/2024/489 / Karavanen till Ukraina rf

Thank you for your attention. We are counting on you!

We who founded the Caravan:

Magnus Londen, journalist & entrepreneur

Roope Roine, outdoor guide

Ant Simons, entrepreneur

We also have a dozen dedicated caravanists working in the background.

Contact us by email: